Carrageenan is an attractive chemical available in red seaweed as such in its natural form. This red seaweed Carrageenan (Chondrus crispus) is available in oceans, where people dive in to pull them out. These marine algae are rich in many chemicals that are potentially usable by different industries. From these seaweeds, extraction of this compound can be done in no time since it is an existing in the same form as marketed. Simple extraction procedure followed by purification is sufficient in making this compound saleable in the market. Finally, focusing on what industries can purchase this compound; we narrow down our choices into two potential industries such as toothpaste making industry and food industry. In toothpaste industries, this chemical is potentially used as thickener which solidifies the whole toothpaste and maintains the consistency of a paste.

No harmful effects on consuming this compound while swallowing toothpaste have been reported so far. However, there is another chemical named Poligeenan which is derived from this compound. Poligeenan is generally referred as degraded form of this primary compound. This latter one is not so ideal to be used for food industry and doesn’t show potential ability as thickener. This compound is used only by non-food industries. Certainly, as these two compounds hold similar names, people confuse about their usages. Well, this confusion is not worth as Carrageenan is a good compound that can be consumed without any hesitation while the other is non-consumable and ideal only to be used in non-food industry. US FDA approved a fact that this original form Carrageenan is safe to consume while Poligeenan is non-consumable. This compound is potentially used as stabilizer in making frozen yogurt, ice creams with low fat, etc. Though no more useful features are available for this compound, it is yet potentially used as stabilizer in food industry and thickener in toothpaste industry.