Most people in spite of deciding to buy RC cars still are unable to make up their mind because they are confused between RC cars and hobby RC cars. They are not aware of the difference between the two. All they know is the toy car comparatively cheaper than hobby RC cars and this attracts them. They should not come to a decision when considering rc cars for sale. Price is not everything there are many other things which need to be taken into consideration before deciding to purchase.rc cars for sale

More differences than price alone

There is no doubt hobby RC vehicles are costlier than toy cars. Other than this hobby RC cars are much better and are capable of reaching high speeds. The accessories of this car are far better compared to the toy RC car. Thus considering all these facts there is no second opinion that hobby RC car is way ahead to its counterpart toy RC car. Hobby cars are apt for teens and adults while toy cars are meant for children and kids. Children under twelve years will certainly enjoy toy cars because they find them easier to handle and the speed of around 15/mph keeps them happy.

Hobby RC Cars are faster

It is needless to say that hobby RC cars are much faster than its counterpart toy RC cars. Its speed is about 70mph which is fast by any standard as already mentioned above this is best suited for the teen and adults who racing, jumping, off road contests and various other kinds of racing contest. In addition to its speed and power people can start with slower hobby RC cars and then progress step by step. They may find it difficult if the people directly try the speed and power ones. The accessories are easily available in the market if any part is broken it can be easily replace thus making the car always look new.